Profiles of our members and the therapies they provide

Our practitioners operate in West Somerset, including the towns and villages of: Minehead, Dunster, Porlock, Williton, Watchet, Dulverton, Bicknoller, Bilbrook, Carhampton, Crowcombe, Exford, Kilve, Ol Cleeve, Selworthy, Stogumber, Timberscombe, and Wheddon Cross.

Cynthia Alves: Teacher, Consultant, Author
Bach Flower Remedies, Meditation Guidance and a cookbook "Vegetable Joy", second edition to be published in 2010
Lifepower is about Earth healing humanity healing Earth: One World One Life

After 25 years using and teaching Bach Flower Remedies, Cynthia now practices informally. The Remedies have continued to serve so very well over the years that she enjoys helping others to use and learn them. Cynthia also love teaching people how to make their own vibrational essences (that's what Bach Flower Remedies are), working with the other of her Rainbow Healing Garden in Porlock. If that interests you, she is always happy to set up a date with the garden.

Meditation can be a helpful life art for anyone to practice, whatever background or age. Cynthia enjoys helping others to develop skills in the simple fundamental practices of presence, relaxation, breath, focus, non-judgemental observation, all of which are beneficial to every aspect of our lives. She offers one day teaching sessions, and training which is tailored to your individual needs.

Vegetable Joy: Eating More Vegetables for Health and Love of Life is Cynthia's cookbook; a unique and encouraging kitchen reference book which has not only a wide range of recipes, also a huge dollop of information articles and 'clips' mixed in to help us understand why eating more vegetables is now vitally important – for us and for Earth.

For lots of information on these and other topics, visit her website.
01643 862990
Porlock (by arrangement, in person or by phone/post)
Caitlin Collins: (BA (Hons), Cert Counselling, Cert NLP Trainer (INLPTA), BHSAI)
counselling, Life Coaching, Meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming / NLP, Horse-Facilitated Coaching
An experienced coach and NLP Trainer with a background of over 30 years of Buddhist meditation practice, offering one-to-one sessions and group workshops. For many years Caitlin specialised in helping people to let go of addictions.

She often work with the help of her two horses, Brigit and Rowan: horse-facilitated coaching can enable people to learn more about themselves and bring out their positive potentials, whether regarding a particular issue or as part of general personal development; many people find it a deeply spiritual experience. Please contact her for more details.
01643 841310
Timberscombe, Exmoor
Enid Hensley: Clinical Hypnotherapist (BSCH Dip Hyp)
Clinical Hypnotherapy can help in many ways. It is safe and gentle and has long lasting benefits. It works by re-programming the unconscious mind (that part of our mind which holds all the unwanted habits). Hypnotherapy cannot change anything against your will. It can help with many conditions including: stopping smoking, weight loss, phobias i.e. fear of flying etc and all anxiety related problems.

Enid is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, having trained at Exeter University with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and she is a full member of the governing body of the British Society for Clinical Hypnotherapy which adheres to a strict code of practice.

If you would like to know more about the way Enid works, please feel free to phone her on 01643 708446 without obligation.
01643 708446
Serata, Hopcott Road, Minehead, Somerset
Sally Horrobin: Qualified Naturopathic Doctor
Craniosacral, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition
Sally is a qualified Naturopathic Doctor and has practiced in Minehead, Somerset since 2004. She earned a Bachelors of Science degree in 1995 from Colorado State University and a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2002 from Bastyr Naturopathic University in Seattle. Being familiar with both conventional and complementary medicine, she is experienced in assessing medical concerns and providing effective natural treatment solutions.

Do you want to improve your current health and learn preventative strategies for your future wellness? An appointment with Sally can take place over the phone, or in person at her office in Minehead. Sally also offers Health MOTs and Weight Loss Programmes.

Whether you have skin problems, fatigue, high stress levels, weight issues, high blood pressure, digestive upsets, menopausal symptoms, depression, or have other health concerns, Sally can help.
01643 707556
Get Natural Wellness Clinic, 11 Periton Lane, Minehead, Somerset TA24 8AQ
Suzy Goodson: Pilates Practitioner
The Pilates method of exercise has been in existence for a century and was developed initially by Joseph Pilates for injury rehabilitation. Pilates first came to the UK in 1970.

Pilates is an exercise method that increases strength, flexibility and endurance, and coordinates body, mind and spirit. It develops the body uniformly, corrects poor posture and teaches greater body awareness and a better understanding of the way our bodies move, enabling us to self-correct. Pilates focuses on strengthening the deep postural ‘core’ muscles of the body and builds strength from the inside out.

Benefits: Relief from back and neck pain. Increased core strength and stability. Strengthened and toned muscles. Improved posture and alignment. Increased flexibility and agility. Improved joint mobility and balance. Relieves stress. Effective post-rehabilitation and injury prevention. Improves performance in sports.

Suzy trained with the ‘Pilates Foundation’ in 2004, but she started Pilates in 1986 and has now been practicing for over 30 years. During this time she has suffered two accidents (horse riding and skiing), resulting in fractures of the spine, pelvis and ribs and injuries to the ankle, knee, wrist and shoulders. She stays pain-free and fitter than pre-injury due to her commitment and passionate belief in Pilates.

She teaches classes in Porlock, Minehead, Wootten Courtenay and Kilve, and private lessons in Porlock. Lessons are tailored to best suit the needs of every client and ensure each student receives personal attention.

Pilates is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.
07786 268982
Porlock, Minehead, Kilve, Wootten Courtenay
Charlotte Kemp: Qualified Therapist
Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Holistic Facials, Hopi Ear Candling, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki
Charlotte trained as a Holistic Therapist in 2003 after working within the NHS. This came about due to her own experiences of receiving therapies, and the impact they had on her life and well-being.

As a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, Charlotte is professionally registered and continually develops her therapies.

Holistic Therapy is an approach to healthcare that can work in conjunction with orthodox treatments currently used in the UK. All treatments and therapies are tailored to the individual, with the aim to treat the person as a whole and allow the body and its functions to maintain a state of homeostasis (balance) and the feeling of well-being.

Charlotte practices from Alcombe Complementary Health Centre in Minehead, which offers a range of therapies and treatments.
01643 706672
Alcombe Complementary Health Centre, 59 Alcombe Road, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 6BB
Mary King: Qualified Therapist
Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage
Having seen firsthand the tremendous benefits of massage and reflexology first hand, Mark King has spent several years studying and qualifying in these therapies. She is passionate about helping people to restore the balance in their body, which can mean the difference between struggling with ailments, or enjoying total well-being.

All first treatments are preceded with a short confidential consultation. Information is treated in the strictest confidence, but is essential in enabling Mary to tailor the treatment to your needs.
07989 430213
Taunton, Somerset
Elaine Necchi-Ghiri: Qualified Reiki Practioner and Hatha Yoga Teacher
Baby Yoga, Reiki, Yoga
Elaine has practiced Reiki healing since 1995 and qualified as a Master in 2006. Reiki is a gentle and relaxing therapy that is complementary to all other healing practices. Reiki is especially helpful in times of stress or anxiety. Elaine also teaches Reiki at levels 1, 2 and 3 in small groups or individually. Healing and training sessions are held at her peaceful cottage in Roadwater. In the summer it is often possible to hold sessions outside in the riverside meditation garden.

Elaine has been teaching Hatha Yoga to students of all abilities since 2006. Her classes are held locally in Minehead, Weddon Cross, Roadwater and Washford. All classes are very friendly. Yoga is beneficial for stiff joints, stress release, depression and anxiety, recovery from illness, pregnancy.

Elaine is also happy to teach small groups or give one to one sessions for specific health issues. Please contact Elaine on the above phone or email or browse the above websites for more information.
01984 640020
Briar Cottage, Mineral Linem, Roadwater, Somerset, TA23 0RJ
Ms Pam Wood: Bowen Technique Therapist (B.Ed cert ECBS)
Body/Mind Dynamics, Bowen Technique, Homeopathy, Life Coaching
Pam Wood trained at the European College of Bowen Studies,runs her practice from West Somerset after leaving London only a few years ago,and offers to clients Bowen and The Body/Mind Dynamics Personal Development Coaching Programme (BMD).

The connection between body and mind is energy, without which we wouldn't be living, but the quality of that energy determines how well we live our lives. It's the energetic calibre of our thoughts that connects with the body to make for a healthy, or unhealthy specimen. We have control of that direction and status if we would but exercise it well.

The good news is that it is but a choice, an intention, a decision to do so. We cover these ideas and more in the Body/Mind Dynamics Programme and Life Coaching.

The Bowen Technique on the other hand, needs no help or interference from us - it does just fine on its own. The gentle, rolling-like moves over the muscles'trigger'an electro-magnetic impulse to the brain which, interpreting the body's needs in terms of energetic healing, stimulates the body's own ability to heal itself. Some clients report a second condition they'd forgotten to mention, had also completely disappeared.
07947 424219
1 Court Green, Bampton Street, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5TS
Irnham Lodge Complementary Health Centre, Townsend Road, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5RG
Ms Becky Wright: Counsellor (MSc, PGDip Couns MBACP Accred, FRSA)
Anger Therapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy
Counselling in Somerset is provided by Becky Wright and her team at New Leaf. Established in 1992 the service offers face to face and online counselling for a range of problems and issues. Counselling is held in Taunton and Wellington.

Becky Wright is a fully qualified counsellor with a wide experience of helping people resolve difficulties. She has a Diploma in Counselling and completed her MSc in Counselling Research at the University of Bristol. Some people prefer to access the Health and Life Coaching Service.

New Leaf offers a wide range of professional counselling services in Somerset. We work with all sorts of people from a variety of backgrounds as well as providing Corporate Wellbeing Counselling (EAP) and supervision for fellow counsellors. New Leaf also provides an effective coaching service if you want to achieve personal life and health goals but do not wish to achieve this via the counselling route.
07590 684888
New Leaf PO Box 4, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 9FN
Ce Marshall
Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Massage, Ayurvedic Facial Massage, Ayurvedic Kansa Vathi Foot Massage™, Crystal healing, Indian Head Massage, Reiki
Ce worked for many years in the health service and then in teaching posts within Nursing and Midwifery education. It is from this background experience that she became increasingly interested in complimentary health therapies. Ce is particularly interested in Ayurvedic knowledge concerning wellbeing, health and healing and the recognition that human beings are part of nature. Ce is committed to providing holistic therapies that respond and adapt to individual needs with warmth, care and sensitivity.

Ce is an experienced therapist; qualified with diplomas in Indian Head Massage, aromatherapy massage and crystal healing. Further added to her holistic practice with attaining Reiki training to masters level and by completing Ayurvedic Facial Massage, and Ayurvedic, Kansa Vathi, foot massage certificated courses.

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine system of India. It is the world’s oldest healing system, dating back approximately 5,000 years. Ayurveda is considered to be the mother of all forms of modern medicine. "Ayur" means life and "Veda" means knowledge. Ayurveda means knowledge of life.

Massage is central in Ayurveda to health and wellbeing as it promotes healing of the entire body. Ayurvedic massage involves gentle, therapeutic touch and warm, therapeutic oils which are revitalising, restorative and harmonising of the subtle energies within the body, mind and heart. The experience of an Ayurvedic massage is to feel nurtured back to balance, reconnected with ‘Self’.

Kansa Vathi, foot massage (KV)™. This unique, vital energy, massage incorporates the uses a small metal bowl containing copper, tin and zinc. The massage focuses on the feet and lower limbs with emphasis on chakras and marma energy points. KV foot massage balances the bio-energetic principles (doshas) of Ayurveda that regulate body functions.

KV foot massage reduces joint and muscle pains, inflammation, improves joint mobility, relieves tired feet and improves immunity, blood and lymphatic circulation. KV massage is good for everyone and ideal for those who spend long hours on their feet. It will leave you feeling relaxed refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ce trained to practice Kansa Vathi, foot massage with the founders of this therapy, at the London Centre for Indian Champissage International (ICICI) established by Narendra & Kundan Mehta in 1995.
07913 946966
Therapy rooms located on 2nd floor of Toucan Wholefoods, Minehead.
Ce is able to provide therapies, for female clients, in the comfort of their home.